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If you are into the import and export business, you are not without knowing that it is a complex, time-consuming, and sometimes risky business. Especially if you are trading in emerging and unfamiliar markets. At Trustrade Consulting Group, we facilitate your way into the global market.

Who We Are?

Trustrade Consulting Group is an international trade, import/export consulting company serving various industries on the global market. With strong international expertise in various industries, our team provides insight and guidance through all your international business activities.

Through a keen understanding of international trade policies, we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your business. Our team of experts put their range of skills and competencies at your service in order to proficiently and professionally engage your executives, export manager, international managers, and international sales force to fully comprehend the intricacies of international trade.

Strategic international sourcing services, quality control management experts, trading consultants, integrated shipping and 3PL logistics specialists, customs brokers, warehousing and distribution agents are critical to your import and export business success in today’s global market. At Trustrade Consulting Group, our expertise covers all your business needs.

What We Do?

Our strategic advisory team provides solutions tailored to the realities of the global trading environment for importers and exporters. Trustrade Consulting Group actively engages in international trade across borders. Our Partners value our relationship with them in conducting business with their trust. We bring years of transactional expertise to the table.

Purchasing commodities can be fraught with pitfalls and Trustrade Consulting Group works to help our clients navigate a path to a successful transaction. We are experts at the bulk trading of commodities such wheat flour, sugar, rice, building materials amongst others.

We thoroughly vet buyers and sellers to ensure successful deals for our clients. We go to great lengths to source product globally and locate new and emerging buyers and sellers worldwide in order to secure optimum pricing and supply. We also strategize on our client’s behalf to help them obtain the best deals.

We source, perform quality control and supply a wide range of high-volume products including Physical Commodities, Consumer Products, Food & Beverages, Chemicals and Constructions Materials amongst others at very competitive prices to highly satisfied customers across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

We have established business partnerships around the world and we possess powerful financial wherewithal and resources through our large base of clients, to support any products import and export process, for any size company on a global scale.

This global strength enables us to supply you with a wide range of highest quality products at competitive prices delivered to your doorsteps on time while you focus on your own business.

How does Trustrade Consulting Group works?

Every project requires its own development approach. After all every client is different, and similarly is every environment of a project development. Still the Trustrade Consulting Group working method is always in the same manner in a number of areas:

Our Procurement Process

  • Need Definition & Good Specifications
    Deadlines Budget Technical Specification Deadlines
  • Procurement
    RFQ to supplier’s Procurement criterias Terms & conditions Offer to client
  • Supplie’s selection
    Rate and perks negociation with clients and suppliers Acceptiation of conditions by client
  • Purchasing contract
    Good purchase Delivery rate Incoterms Payment terms
  • Goods delivery & payment
    Packing Export declaration Shipping Tracking
  • Follow up
    Assessment Follow up on equipment satisfaction by final user

Why Choose Us?

Our services and solutions have been designed to make your expansions to new foreign markets hassle free by providing you with customized services & solutions that fit your unique business requirements in order to succeed in international trade:


Analyze and understand your business needs and organize ourselves around your requirements. Adding value to our customers businesses is the foundation of what we do and our aim is complete customer satisfaction.


Customized market research and an international business plan will be conducted to find the best methods to promote your products and/or services, and streamline your business channels.


Leverage our experience and expertise in international trade by obtaining access to proven methodologies and best practices to help you gain a competitive edge.


Exposure and faster access to foreign markets by ensuring that your products and/or services have a global supply market and you have access to foreign buyers, while allowing you to access an international supply chain system.


Tremendously reduce your export start-up costs and the risks associated with exporting to unknown international markets.


You will be guided through the import/export process which will give you the skills required to learn the complexities of international trade.


Allows you to focus on your domestic marketing and sales while outsourcing your importing and exporting to the international trade experts.


Provide you access to both direct and indirect shipping options and numerous distribution channels both domestically and internationally.


Allow an increase in sales and profits by streamlining your local and global supply chain management.


Help you establish strategic business relationships in international markets.

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